The following motion was passed unanimously at last night’s meeting of the Bristol and District Amal. Branch Central Committee.

The general policy-ie. not specific to the CWU Executive Council-was overwhelmingly passed at Saturday’s South West TUC Regional Council, in a motion moved by the RMT and seconded by Bridgwater TUC. Please see the text of this after the CWU Bristol motion below.

In your trade union branch, could you use the terms and format of either motion to help us get this invitation withdrawn?


Dave Chapple

Bristol and District Amalgamated CWU motion:

“This Central Committee supports the motion overwhelmingly passed at the meeting of the South West Region TUC on 3rd July, which calls upon the TUC General Council to rescind its recent decision to invite David Cameron to this year’s TUC Congress.

We resolve to write to the CWU President and General Secretary, calling upon the CWU National Executive Council to rescind any endorsement of the decision of the CWU TUC General Council representative(s) to support the decision to invite David Cameron.

If the NEC hasn’t yet discussed this subject, then we ask that the decision of the TUC General Council representative(s) be NOT endorsed.

Further, that the CWU writes to the TUC General Secretary, asking that the General Council decision be re-considered as a matter of urgency.”

South West Region TUC motion:

“The South West Region TUC deplores the recent decision of the TUC general Council to invite David Cameron to address TUC Congress 2010, and asks the General Council, in the urgent interests of trade union unity against this government’s austerity measures, to reverse this invitation.”


5th July 2010

The Communication Workers Union today (Monday) is disappointed to have to cancel the notice for the industrial action ballot in BT.

The ballot has been cancelled following legal advice which clearly outlined that under the notoriously restrictive trade union laws in the UK certain technical breaches would potentially invalidate the ballot. CWU has today received an offer from BT to meet for further negotiations and the union will take up that offer whilst taking all necessary steps to allow a re-ballot as soon as practically possible if negotiations are unsuccessful.

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Work is going ahead in Bracknell to build our, broadly based, anti cuts committee. At a recent stormy meeting of local community groups the area’s National Health Service bosses were given a rough time. As a result of the Coalition Governments cuts we were told that about 450 workers in the local hospitals will lose their jobs. This will result in a loss of beds and services. We have been battling for several years against bed and ward closures at our local hospital; this will clearly need to intensify over the coming period. Val and I led the attack against the health bosses strongly supported by almost all those present. We condemned “care in the community” proposals as merely a cost cutting exercise, likewise the argument that “we are all in this together”. Many people at the meeting aired their distrust at the arguments of the health bosses, especially as they are unelected and unaccountable and in spite of the many promises over the years that we would get our own hospital all we are seeing are staff cuts and cuts to services.

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Wednesday 30 June 2010

by John Lister

One bizarre side-effect of the Con-Dem coalition government has been the belated publication of two documents which the new Labour government stubbornly refused to allow into the public domain.

Both are the result of work by US management consultants McKinsey’s. Both address the issue of the drive for “efficiency savings” (aka cuts) in the NHS to bridge a predicted £20 billion gap between a frozen budget and rising pressures by 2016-17. Continue Reading »

Andy Stern who was going to reforge the American union movement – the man described by Tony Woodley as a “visionary” – hasn’t hung about on leaving the SEIU. Here’s a piece from the US Labor Notes.

Mike Wilzoch from Labor Notes

SIGA Technologies, “a company specializing in the development of pharmaceutical agents to combat bio-warfare pathogens,” announced Monday that Andy Stern, “labor leader and prominent advocate for reform,” has joined their board of directors.

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Plans announced by the Department for Work and Pensions today to cut 8,000 jobs from jobcentres by March 2011 are “economically absurd”, PCS says.

Job cuts on this scale are unprecedented at a time when unemployment is continuing to rise and the move will not just add to the jobless figures, it will further damage the economy and seriously hit help and support for the unemployed.

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After a year-long investigation and hearing, a judge has ordered one of California’s largest hospital corporations to reinstate a worker who was illegally fired after SEIU conspired with management to remove her because of her support for NUHW. The 50-page ruling offers the latest evidence of SEIU officials’ collusion with California healthcare corporations.
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