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by Roni Ben Efrat

For the background of a three year struggle see:


The entire workforce of the Salit Quarry, organized by WAC-MAAN, gave the management 15 days of we strike is that management unilaterally ended negotiations for a collective agreement.

Yesterday, May 10, WAC’s General Director, Assaf Adiv, received frantic calls from management requesting cancellation of the strike and promising to hold discussions beginning May 17.


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An invitation to engage in a discussion and debate:

Saturday 27th March, Ruskin College (Walton Street site), Oxford

(For travel information please email Ian Manborde on imanborde@ruskin.ac.uk)

In 1909, Ruskin College students and their supporters formed an organisation called the Plebs League to fight so-called ‘reforms’ which threatened the independent and working-class nature of their education. Over a hundred years later the relevance of their arguments remains with us. A new campaign for independent working-class education (IWCE) has convened this event to discuss the future of trade union education as a feature of working-class organisation and politics, and to examine the challenges which now confront us.


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GMB Central Executive Council provide £10,000 to hardship fund for victimised workers facing pay cuts and launch appeal to all 3,000 GMB Branches for support for the Leeds strikers

GMB today disclosed that the Lib Dem/Tory administration in Leeds City Council failed to collect almost £17 million in unpaid Council and Business taxes in the year to 31st Match 2009. The figures are as follow: uncollected Council Tax £9,247,000; uncollected non domestic rates £7,484,000; a total uncollected taxes of £16,731,000. The figures are from the Department of Communities and Local Government and are from the tax year 2008/9. (more…)

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Kamal Abbas (52), Director of CTUWS in Egypt, has been caught in a maelstrom. During the past year CTUWS branches were shut down by order of the Egyptian authorities , perceiving it as inciting for strikes and struggles by workers. Abbas himself, together with his colleague Mr. Mohamed Helmy, was sentenced to one year imprisonment. Only after a continuous legal battle and an international support campaign, were the authorities forced to allow its reopening and repeal the sentence against the unionists. Abbas participated in a conference of the Spanish labour union CCOO in December 2008, where Roni Ben Efrat and Assaf Adiv of WAC Maan interviewed him. (more…)

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Postal deliveries in Bridgwater and the surronding area are facing disruption after members of the Communication Workers Union voted by 49 votes to 25 to take strike action in the run up to Christmas. The row centres on full-time jobs being replaced with part-time posts. At a meeting tomorrow morning workers will decide exactly when they will be striking. CWU Area Official David Wilshire said “the fact that postal workers at Bridgwater have voted to take strike action before Christmas shows that they are fed up with continual cuts to the postal service and a deteriorating service to the customers. We urge Royal Mail to settle this dispute”.

Should strike action occur it will affect postal deliveries and collections to the TA5 TA6 and TA7 postcode areas.

For further information please contact David Wilshire on 07909 525740

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Gill George reports on a Special Executive Committee meeting of the Amicus wing of Unite (on October 9th) which threatens to block the unification of Unite on Novembr 1st.

Unite has the potential to be a brilliant union. We’re the largest union in the UK. We’ve got real industrial muscle, in a whole number of different sectors. We’ve won some important victories over a short period – Grangemouth and the Shell drivers being the best known. We’re continuing to do some excellent work: on the London buses, and fighting for decent pay for health workers, for example. This is a union that can deliver for members. Even in such a new union, we have the beginnings of a tradition that we can be proud of.

The real danger now is that the union is sucked into a vortex of in-fighting and careerism, and our members pay the price for it. It’s no wonder that our best activists are asking, ‘What the hell is going on?’ (more…)

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