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By John Lister information director of Health Emergency

The new coalition government white paper Liberating the NHS could reduce the National Health Service in England from one of Europe’s largest single employers, with around 1 million staff, to near zero by the time of the next general election.

Tens of thousands would face redundancy through wholesale cuts in “bureaucracy” or lose their jobs through so-called “efficiency savings.”

Hundreds of thousands more could find themselves effectively privatised and transferred to non-NHS employers in the biggest shake-up ever to hit this popular public service.



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The outgoing Labour Government instigated cuts of £20 billion in the NHS which the ConDem Government is continuing to implement. More is to come in the autumn public spending review. At the same time huge chunks of the NHS funding cake is being devoured by the privatisation juggernaut.

  • The cuts will mean the loss of thousands of hospital beds, while the budgets for nursing, medical and support staff are to be slashed, implying thousands of jobs will go.
  • Rental costs from ballooning PFI projects are running at £2 billion a year. £11 billion of new hospitals will cost taxpayers £62 billion; the private Independent Sector Treatment Centres are siphoning off cherry-picked work from the NHS; and primary and community care services – GP practices, district nurses, health visitors, elderly care – are being put out to tender. (more…)

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12 July 2010

The NHS white paper is an ‘untested, expensive exercise in political dogma’ that will herald greater privatisation of the health service, Unite, the largest union in the country, said today.

Unite accused the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, of backtracking on a Conservative pre-election pledge that there would be no more major reorganisations of the health service, as the white paper was unveiled.


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Wednesday 30 June 2010

by John Lister

One bizarre side-effect of the Con-Dem coalition government has been the belated publication of two documents which the new Labour government stubbornly refused to allow into the public domain.

Both are the result of work by US management consultants McKinsey’s. Both address the issue of the drive for “efficiency savings” (aka cuts) in the NHS to bridge a predicted £20 billion gap between a frozen budget and rising pressures by 2016-17. (more…)

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Fog clears on NHS massacre

John Lister, Director London Health Emergency

London’s NHS could face £5 billion worth of cuts over the next few years. The future of a third of the capital’s 16,000 hospital beds, many front-line clinical services, several whole hospitals and thousands of health workers’ jobs are at stake.

Primary care trust bosses have been linked up into five secretive “sectors” holding confidential meetings to hatch proposals.

Broad facts and some of the details are clear, even though NHS London has stubbornly refused to publish the secret McKinsey briefing on which many of the planned cuts are based.

So hats off to the British Medical Association which has broken the silence of London’s health unions and publicised the scale of the threat.


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Lessons of the North Devon Hospital dispute

One of the main aims of the conference is to learn from successful workers’ struggle. Unison union members at North Devon Hospital have won a massive victory in their fight for sick pay and fair terms.

Mark Harper, chair of North Devon Unison health branch (pc), spoke to Socialist Worker


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More than 200 UNISON members working for Sodexo at the
North Devon NHS Trust are due to start a two-day strike at midnight
tonight over the company’s and trust’s refusal to pay them Agenda for
Change wages due three years ago.

Further action is planned on a weekly basis.

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